The Story Behind "I Wish."

When I was a junior in high school, I got a message from a girl around my age through Instagram. She explained that she understood that it may be weird for her to reach out since she didn't know me, but that she felt overwhelmingly that she was supposed to reach out to me. She explained that she had just placed her son for adoption days prior, and that because she had seen how positive I was on social media about my own adoption story as an adoptee, she wanted to know more about my story so she could have hope for how her infant-son may feel about her as he grew up.

We messaged back and forth that evening, and into the next days, weeks, and months. This girl went through everything you could imagine in the few, short months leading up to me writing the song that changed my life. Car accidents, emergency appendectomy, etc., etc. My heart ached for her daily. I remember feeling just so helpless! She lived in Mississippi, and I lived in Washington state.

There was one night that I just felt overwhelmed with the want to help this girl, whom I had grown to love as one of my closest friends. I honestly don't remember writing this song at all. I often marvel at that. I truly don't consider myself as the writer of "I Wish," I think of myself as a vessel for an impactful song to reach the souls that were waiting to hear it.

I was excited to share this song at a gig I had scheduled the next day, in mid-May 2017. As luck would have it, that gig was rained out. I was so crushed! I felt like I had a song unlike any of my other originals, but I had lost the opportunity to play it. I decided to do the next best thing, and take it to Facebook Live.

I couldn't have anticipated the impact that 5 minute video would have on my life and future.

The original post had 18k views and over 150 shares. I was astounded that a song I had sat down and written for a specific purpose, for a specific person, had such a positive influence on more humans than I can count. I had mothers reaching out to me, telling me that this song helped them with their 4 year olds battle with leukemia. Fathers telling me this song was on repeat while their teenage daughter worked through their cousin committing suicide. A wide variety of personal stories were shared with me, and that's when I realized this song was never truly mine. It was my duty to share this song with people to bring hope and peace.

This song was shared worldwide, and I had invitations to go to retreats and conferences nationwide. I have met dozens of wonderful people in person, that if it weren't for this song, I never would have.

"I Wish" has changed my life because of the countless lives it changed. Unfortunately, the girl it was written for went on her own way less than a month after it was published. She was in my life long enough to change it forever.

I'm grateful everyday for that experience, that girl. I am also grateful that this song serves as a reminder that no one should ever feel that they are alone in their trials in life. We were never meant to hurt alone.

(Listen to "I Wish":

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