Finding "Where I Belong."

During my freshman year of high school, I was enlisted to write a song for an anti-bullying event. That song was "Where I Belong." That song was one of the first songs I wrote with the soul purpose of writing something that would mean something. The thing is, as I've continued to learn and grow and write, I've learned more and more about who I am. Years later, I wrote another song. "I Wish" is the song I've written with the most impact, not only for myself, but for countless lives. That song changed the trajectory of my life. It gave me the realization that I could write something and actually have it mean something to someone else. That was an incredible feeling, and led me to decide that I truly do want to be a musician in this life. I look forward to continuing on this path until I'm, as the song I wrote over 5 years ago says, "right Where I Belong."

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